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Posted 3 years ago

My List of imPossiblities

My own personal bucket list if you will. It’s grown over the years and I continue to add  things to it, and cross them off : )

-Make a difference in someone’s life

-Be in two places at once

-Start a movement

-Travel Eurpoe

-Take up photography

-Swim the Pacific

-Plant a garden

-Speak another language fluently (other than bs)

- Become a certified EMT

- Jump off a bridge

- Spend an entire day in bed

-Learn to surf

-Visit Ground Zero

-Visit North Carolina

-Witness a s miracle

-Go on a cruise

- Learn to paint

-Allow myself to make mistakes

-Restore a car

-Learn to play guitar

-Run a marathon (fix hips first)

-Sing in front of someone

-Go skydiving

-Write a book

-Learn to wakeboard

-Visit Australia

-Learn to live with short hair

-Play with a snow leopard

-Meet Dallas Green

-Learn to skateboard

See the Dropkick Murphy’s wall in southie

- Learn to love myself inside and out

- Get a tatoo

-Own a summer house on a lake

-See A Day to Remember in concer

-See something majestic

-Learn to meditate

-Start my own business

-Help a stranger

-Inspire someone

-Be in a movie

-Have a red bedroom

-Go an entire week with no electronics

-Make the important people in my life, realize the value of theirs

-Bring joy to someone’s life

-Volunteer at a homeless shelter

-Learn to swing dance

-Become a PT

-Do 100 push ups

-Travel for a whole year

-Go bungee jumping

-Put $100,000 in the bank

-Give $100,000 away

-Climb a mountain

-Fire a pistol

-Be a vegetarian for one month

-Be in a magazine, not for a photograph, but because I did something noteworthy

-Live a non-traditional lifestyle

-Take up Yoga

-Own a home

-Go snorkeling

-Sing Karaoke

- Get my license

-Build my own house (with some help of course)

-Figure out my purpose in this world

-Be alot like nothing else

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Some day…

I want to raise a family. Most definitely not today and certainly not tomorrow. But somewhere far down the road. I want to bring children into this world, raise them to be good people, teach them that not everything in the this world is awful. That life can surprise you; catch you off guard when you least expect it, and that everyday is worth the fight. Because one day, they’ll find someone who gives reason to it all. I don’t want kids now, but somewhere in my life, I want to place the world in the palm of a child’s hand.

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: )

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Amazing Dance Routine

This is the most randomly amazing thing I’ve seen. So cool

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Life doesn’t get much better than this  : )

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Think of the Ten Commandments more like The Ten Suggestions, then pick 5 to follow.
History Professor
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Awesome <3

Awesome <3

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: ) Simple as that

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Love this haha

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Florence and the Machine

This chick is amazing. Every single one of her music videos are amazing and totally worth your time to watch!!

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Can&#8217;t wait for this! Summer is almost here&#160;: )

Can’t wait for this! Summer is almost here : )

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What is the point in being alive if you don’t at least TRY to do something remarkable?
John Green- An Abundance of Katherines’
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Make a Change Starting Yesterday

Follow my cousin and support her on her journey to grow as a person, to lose weight and to change her life <3